DPC Series

DPC-DPB Series Screw Pumps ( Wobble Pumps )

DP series Progressive pumps can virtually handle any kind of media from water like to highly viscous and corrosive in nature, there are no valve required so no airlock or vapour lock is possible,

The flow is linear and non-pulsating and steady even with change in suction head . due to low internal velocity of media shearing and degradation is minimal.

These are a highly cost effective solution to your pumping needs for media with less solid contents

Special Features:

  • Highly service friendly due to its simple construction and design.
  • Extremely quick change of material due to its uni-Rotor shaft design.
  • Less space consuming due to its compact Mono-block design

Technical Parameters
Capacity : Upto 6 Cu.M/Hr
Head : 3 Bar ( 45 Psi)


Transfer of Chemicals, Acidic or Aklaline Transfer applications in Wineries , Beverage
Septic Tank Drainage Brine Injection
Hosing of Cattle Sheds and Cattle Oil Water Seperator feeding
Domestic water supply Diesel Transfer
Handle detergents and surfactants Auto water pressure systems
Grey Water transfer Sprinkler Systems
Milk Fruit Juice