Electric Grout Pump

EG Series – Electric Grout Machines

We are one of the well reputed Grouting Pumps Manufacturers in India. Our Pumps are manufactured with extremely high precision and accuracy giving our pumps a superior performance as well as better life.

The System consists of a Progressive Cavity Grout Pump. The progressive cavity pump is a perfect solution when pumping viscous, abrasive or solid laden materials. This pumps is designed to pump neat cement, bentonite, cement/bentonite, ultrafine cements, cement/sand, non-shrink grouts, metallic grouts, self leveling underlayment’s, some repair mortars, plaster, fireproofing and most packaged grout mixes. This pump can also pump heavily sanded grouts, and repair mortars. The pumps are equipped with holding hoppers and hopper screens, various sizes are available. All these grout pumps are designed with variable speed controls to give you complete control over the grout flow. The operator controls are centrally located for efficient, safe production. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning, and maintenance.

We offer several Variants as per the clients requirements

  • EG1 : Electric Grout Pump with Holding Hopper, Prime mover, Control Panel , Pressure Gauge, Hose & Accessories.
  • EG2 : Electric Grout Pump with Holding Hopper, Single Paddle Mixer ,Prime mover, Control Panel , Pressure Gauge, Hose & Accessories.
  • EG3 : Electric Grout Pump with Twin Paddle Mixers , Prime mover, Control Panel , Pressure Gauge, Hose & Accessories.

At the outlet of the pipe a by-pass arrangement is provided for regulating pressure and volume of grout mix. The grouting hose pipe of required size is connected through quick release coupling at the outlet of the pump. The other end of grout hose is coupled with grouting nozzle. A pressure gauge is provided at the outlet of the pump to measure the grouting pressure. The selection of the equipment is based on maximum grouting pressure required and the maximum grout mix output desired

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Flow rate: 0-300 LPM       (0-78 USGPM)
Pressure- up to 36 Kg/cm2 (0-520 PSI)
Maximum Solid size - 15 mm

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Steady, low-pulsation pumping
  • High self-priming rate,
  • Non-clogging: handles solids in suspension or mixture containing high percentage of solids.
  • Can work on Snore: inherently self-priming.
  • High Suction Lift: low NPSH(R), effective in high vacuum conditions.
  • Minimal Internal Wear: Gentle handling of shear sensitive and abrasive products because of low internal velocity.
  • Versatility: handles abrasive, shear sensitive and viscous materials, solids in suspension and air-solid-liquid mixture.