A Visionary who started this legacy

Our founder Mr. R.R Gupta  was intrigued by the battery of progressive cavity pumps deployed in his coal mines.

The scarce availability of these pumps and spares in the Indian market along with the high cost of replaceable imported spare parts fueled the inspiration to manufacture these pumps on his own.The same problem was being faced by Coal-Mine owners all across India at the time there were no manufacturers of Progressive Cavity Pumps in India. He soon perfected his own unique method of generating the complex profile of the rotor and stator. With this breakthrough “ROTOMAC” was born in 1968.

His principles & guidance are still the very core of our company.

The Man behind our excellence

Mr. R.P Gupta was the next generation who pledged to take his father’s dream to its fruition, we was a man who led us for over 40 years.
He emphasized that always look at a situation by stepping in your customer’s shoes, that way you will never do wrong by them. Building on this thumb rule ROTOMAC has established itself a pioneer provider of fluid engineering solutions.
Our constant endeavor to invest our energy into R&D to innovate new as well and improve our existing products has given us an edge in the market.