S Series – Standard Screw Pump

The ‘S’ Series pump is the most commonly used type of Progressive cavity pump. These are the basis for all the other type of Progressive Cavity pumps available .They can be supplied with various rotor/stator geometries.

This pump type finds it’s application in almost all industrial applications, successfully being used in even the most demanding of applications, where most other pump types fail. These pumps can be used for pumping low-viscous to highly viscous media with or without solids thereby increasing its scope of application.

Flow rate: 0-420 Cu. M/hr (0-1320 USGPM)

Pressure- up to 36 Kg/cm2

Temperature- Up to 150 Degree C*

Viscocity – 40,000 CST

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Steady, low-pulsation pumping
  • High self-priming rate,
  • Installation possibilities in all positions
  • Direction of rotation and thus delivery flow reversible
  • Non-clogging: handles solids in suspension or mixture containing high percentage of solids.
  • Can work on Snore: inherently self-priming.
  • High Suction Lift: low NPSH(R), effective in high vacuum conditions.
  • Minimal Internal Wear: Gentle handling of shear sensitive and abrasive products because of low internal velocity.
  • Reversible: suction and delivery ends can be interchanged by merely changing direction of rotation of the prime mover.
  • Versatility: handles abrasive, shear sensitive and viscous materials, solids in suspension and air-solid-liquid mixture.