Food & Hygienic Pumps

“Thoroughly Clean”

In applications with sensitive hygienic requirements, cleanliness is the most critical factor. ROTOMAC food and hygienic pumps fulfill even the strictest hygiene requirements in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries,

These pump are conveying both high- and low-viscosity substances with minimal shear effect. They ensure product quality at all instances & are in-line with compliances with International Sanitary Standards.

The parts of our food and hygienic pumps are designed keeping in mind the guidelines by EHEDG principles. All materials in contact with the pumping product naturally fulfill the international requirements of the FDA and EU 1935-2004.

Features and Benefits

Meets international hygiene and material standards
EHEDG compliant with international standards ( ex.  FDA and 3-A hygiene and material standards) through optimized construction, components and hygienic mechanical seals.

Gentle conveying
Low shear and virtually pulsation-free pumping of low to highly viscous products with constant conveying capacities and high pressure stability.

Residue-free cleaning
Designed to suit cleaning processes such as Clean in Place (CIP) &  Sterilization in Place (SIP).

Easy maintenance
Compact design allows Low space requirements – simple & reliable construction facilitates ease of maintenance since no special tools are required for maintenance.

Versatile applications
Fulfills even the strictest hygiene requirements, and is therefore suitable for numerous applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Open Pin Joint

Open Hygiene joints, residue-free cleaning Using CIP
Capacity: 0.1- 60 M3 /h Pressure: ≤ 24 bar

Encapsulated Cardan Joint

Encapsulated Cardan joints, for Abrasive and high Solid laden media. Capacity: 0.1- 100 M3 /h Pressure: ≤ 24 bar

Hopper Pump In Hygeinic Design

With a choice in Open Pin & Encapsulated Cardan joint.
Capacity: 0.1- 100 M3 /h Pressure: ≤ 24 bar