We have a complete range of gear pumps, which fall under the category of Positive displacement pumps.

The Principle

Liquid enters the suction port between the rotor and idler teeth. The Liquid travels through the pump between the teeth of the “gear-within-a-gear” principle. The crescent shape divides the liquid and acts as a seal between the suction and discharge ports. The pump head is now nearly flooded, just prior to forcing the liquid out of the discharge port. Intermeshing gears of the idler and rotor form locked pockets for the liquid which assures volume control. Rotor and idler teeth mesh completely to form a seal equidistant from the discharge and suction ports. This seal forces the liquid out of the discharge port.

Sailent Features

  1. Self Priming Pumps
  2. Non-Pulsating Flow for clear fluids.
  3. Suitable to handle Viscous Clear liquids at temperatures upto 200 Deg C
  4. A variety of material options available to suit corrosive media as well.

Technical Specifications

A. Capacity : Upto 45 M3/Hr
B. Pressure : Upto 10 Kg/Cm2
C. Viscosity : Upto 30,000 Cst.

Technical Specifications

Brewery and distillersFurnace Oil
Cattle feedMineral Oil
Chemical and processEdible Oil
Cosmetics and toiletriesPetroleum Gelly
Edible oilPaints & Varnishes
Effluent treatmentSolvents
Man-made fibresAcids
Oil explorationHot Syrups
Paint and Varnish 
Paper pulp and cellulose 
Petrochemical and Refinery 
Printing Ink 
Sewage and Waste Water treatment 
Soap and detergent