Our History

ROTOMAC Pumps was established in the year 1967 by its founder Mr. Ram Ratan Gupta, A great visionary well ahead of his time.

The battery of progressive cavity pumps deployed in his coal mines always intrigued Mr. Gupta.

The scarce availability of these pumps and spares in the Indian market along with the high cost of
replaceable imported spare parts fuelled the inspiration to manufacture these pumps on his own.

The same problem was being faced by Coal-Mine owners all across India at the time there were
no manufacturers of Progressive Cavity Pumps in India.

He soon perfected his own method of generating the complex profile of the rotor and stator. News of this technological breakthrough reached the mining community who turned to him to source this critical spares. Following this transition from the vital components to complete pumps was a logical step in progress and this is how ROTOMAC was born.

Initially focusing on the mining industry, gaining experience in the arduous mining applications. ROTOMAC ventured out to establish its presence in other Market Segments such as Industrial, Chemical, Sugar, Food, Pharmaceutical, Wastewater and several more .Soon ROTOMAC became synonymous with Progressive Cavity Pumps in an Industrial sectors in India.

Having strategically penetrated the domestic market, ROTOMAC introduced themselves to the global market and received a great response for its World class Quality and efficient pumping solutions.