Q & A

Here you will get answers to a few of the commonly asked questions about our wide range of products and services, and about the application areas and the technology of ROTOMAC® pumps.


 Answer : We have  over 3 decades of experience.

Answer : We offer a wide range of Positive Displacement pumps like Progressive Cavity(Single Screw) Pumps, Twin Screw pumps, Gear Pumps etc. along with Control Systems, Accessories, Retrofit Spares

Answer: Yes, we are willing to design specific customized pump to meet the clients requirement. ®

Answer : All wetted parts are available in cast iron, stainless steel, cast steel, Haste alloy  B/C , Duplex Steel, Monel steel and other exotic alloys

The rotating parts are available in materials from Alloy Steel to AISI D3,202,410,304,316 and  Haste alloy C & B, Monel and other exotic alloys.

Stators are available in a variety of elastomer materials from light to dark, such as NBR, EPDM, Hypalon, Silicone, Viton, HNBR.


Answer: Although we do keep some pumps as ready stock, normally lead times vary from 3-12 weeks depending on pump size, type, quantity and special constructional features , MOC etc.

Answer: Service is always one of the priorities here as ROTOMAC® , We try to give our valued clients a prompt service to the best of our capability.

Answer: A Requisition form can be sent via the website , our sales team will get in touch with you for your requirements by the contact details provided by you.

Areas of application

Answer : ROTOMAC®  progressive cavity pumps are used for High Viscous , Aggressive and abrasive media for low pulsation delivery in numerous Industrial , Hygienic ,Wastewater, Sugar industries along with environmental engineering and numerous other industries.

Answer: Capacities upto 420 M3/Hr and Pressures upto 36 Bar *

 *Note : High Pressure pumps are available for selected sizes  

Answer: Progressive Cavity pumps can be safeguarded by using an extra Dry running protection device (TSE unit) which will prevent the damage to the pump and its parts .


Answer :Progressive Cavity Pumps which are also commonly known as Eccentric Screw pumps / Helical Rotor Pumps / PC Pumps.The main component which characterize these pumps are a metallic single helical rotary part ROTOR and a fixed double helical resilient Polymer part STATOR in which the rotor turns and thereby a complex progressive sealing line is maintained. Whilst the rotor rotates inside the stator, the cavities formed between them progresses from suction to discharge end gently carrying the media.