W Series – Open Hopper Screw Pump

The ‘W’ Series pump is a Special adaptation of the standard Progressive Cavity pumps, This pump design is modified as such with a Wide-throat Suction Inlet which allows the media to enter the suction housing with ease and avoids clogging, Additionally the pump is equipped with a Screw conveyor type of arrangement which pushes the liquid forward with aa slight change in design. These Pumps are specially used for applications where the media is highly viscous & a higher concentration of solids.

A Wide-Throat design ensures that the media enters the pump cavity easily by avoiding any clogging at the suction end, the Media flowability is maintained using a screw conveyor better known as an ‘Augar’.

Flow rate: 0-420 Cu. M/hr (0-1320 USGPM)

Pressure- up to 36 Kg/cm2

Temperature- Up to 150 Degree C

Viscocity – 1,50,000 CST

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Steady, low-pulsation pumping
  • High self-priming rate,
  • Installation possibilities in all positions
  • The direction of rotation and thus delivery flow reversible
  • Non-clogging: handles solids in suspension or mixture containing a high percentage of solids.
  • Can work on Snore: inherently self-priming.
  • High Suction Lift: low NPSH(R), effective in high vacuum conditions.
  • Minimal Internal Wear: Gentle handling of shear-sensitive and abrasive products because of low internal velocity.
  • Reversible: suction and delivery ends can be interchanged by merely changing the direction of rotation of the prime mover.
  • Versatility: handles abrasive, shear sensitive, and viscous materials, solids in suspension, and air-solid-liquid mixture.
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