We also Offer customized pump solutions for your specific pump needs. 

  • WACM Pump with Macerating System
    Cutting Systems in the compression zone reduces large solids to a smaller more flowable size.

Capacity : 0.1–60 m³/h  Pressure : ≤ 36 bar

  • WAGB Pump with X-TRA Large Hopper
    Larger Capaity of Hopper as well as Screw conveyor with Edge to Edge construction allows for transfer of Even More Viscous media and also higher consistency liquids

Capacity : 0.1–60 m³/h  Pressure : ≤ 36 bar

  • WAKB Pump with Integrated Bridge Breaker

 The rectangular hopper contains two counter-running paddle shafts equipped with their own drive system. These mix highly viscous media so thoroughly that bridging cannot even begin to take place – ensuring optimal delivery of the medium to the pump at all times.

Capacity : 0.1–40 m³/h Pressure : ≤ 36 bar

  • WAGB.BG Pump with Integrated Bridge Breaker

Powerful under extreme conditions: the WAGB.BG hopper pumps are robust & built and designed with reinforced individual components for tough applications – e.g. for fermentation products in the agriculture and biogas industries. They are designed to allow contaminants to settle at the base of the hopper and be removed quickly and easily through large inspection openings for maximum availability and time savings during servicing work..

Capacity : 0.1–200 m³/h  Pressure : ≤ 36 bar